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New Oil Filter Patent
About Us

A little information about our business philosophy, history, and employees.

Our Business Philosophy

Is to "provide the solutions today for tomorrow's problems." We believe in developing new products that no one else has. We believe in making new products to assist people in their daily lives. Finally, we believe these products should be designed with safety as a priority but ease as the goal.

Our Company

Was established in 2000 and has continued growth on a daily basis. We have developed several products that we can claim as being exclusive to us.

We will continue with the developement of new ideas, and the saturation of these ideas into our communities and businesses.

We currently have several more fascinating ideas in the developmental stages, and we look forward to providing them to you in the future.

Our Employees

Businesses are only as good as the employees that work for them. We are very fortunate in this manner. We have assembled the finest group of loyal and determined employees that believe in our vision for the future.

Jeff Rooney Ceo and Founder.