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New Oil Filter Patent
Product Description Page

The Benefits Of This Modification:

Specially Adapted Filter Casing

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The benefits of this idea are many. Here are a few of them:

1) Speeds up the filter change process
2) Reduces injuries - safest spin-on filter today
3) Eliminates stuck filters
4) Eliminates the need to puncture stuck filters
5) Utilizes the most common tool in the world - the
6) Enviromentally sound - eliminates unnecessary oil
spillage incurred when a filter is punctured.
When a filter is punctured, approximately
3/4 of a quart of oil leaks onto the ground
and engine components. This is not good for
the enivironment! This can be eliminated.
7) Can be removed in (30) seconds or less, with one
hand and a screwdriver, no matter what conditions
8) Saves the consumer money from having to purchase
new filter removal tools everytime they purchase
a new product with a filter on it
9) Allows the consumer to grip the filter better than
ANY filter currently on the market - guaranteed
10) Works more efficently than "the nut" addition to
11) Takes less available room in a vehicle's engine
compartment to remove one of these filters with a
screwdriver, than the current design with a filter
12) Works for all spin-on filters on all forms of
vehicles, equipment and machinery that use them
13) The most efficient spin-on filter today to install
and remove

This is the easiest and safest filter today to install and remove.
If you do not understand the need for this modification,
wait until you change your next stuck filter.

US Patent
6,217,762 B1